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My home page gave you a taste.

Here you have the opportunity to

play, scrub, or in the case of samples

that use a music track, feel free to

head bob and finger tap away.

APUS APP - Promotion

This was an interesting script first, creative second exercise.  I was tasked with developing all visualization, transitions, content and assembly for this American Public University App and its sister App AMU, American Military University.

Motor City Hotel and Casino - Holiday card.

An annual holiday vendor thank you social and media message from The Motor City Casino.

Mutual of Omaha - Whole Life Insurance promo 1

Mutual of Omaha produced a series of description Life insurance policy promotions.  This spot positioned a safe landing as their message.

Mutual of Omaha - Whole Life Insurance promo 2

This second Mutual of Omaha Life insurance policy promotion utilized stock still images that allowed for the addition of lighting and other subtle motion enhancements 

AUDI - Financial Services Welcome Portal

This was created as a portal site to be accessed by new Audi customers with regards to information on the Audi Financial Services system.  The dealer initialized at point of sale for any customer FAQ.

MORE Design - Custom golf club heads promo

Bruce Sizemore developed a fully customizable range of golf heads and needed an "inexpensive" promo video for his website and vendor sales.

ONSTAR - Brand intro launch

The ask was to take still imagery and create a linear left to right intro for an OnStar client brand refresh.

SUBARU - Dealer sales and promotional charts

A sample of charts and graphs utilized at a national dealer meeting.

FAN DUEL - Sportsbook promo for Motor City Casino

One of two spots for Fan Duel and Motor City Casino. Using stock assets/color/fonts from Fan Duel brand guide.

GRAPHIC SUPPORT - Asset for video overlay

Yes, boring black background but stay with me.  This graphic was utilized over the top of content and descriptive imagery. 

E-TRON Audi - Customer Welcome Video

Glovebox thumb drive containing manuals and other owner info begins with this autoplay welcome video for new EV Audi's.

OnStar - Red Cross social promo

Built in multiple formats, this was one of a couple of OnStar/Red Cross, cross promo social media spots.

Motor City Hotel and Casino - Holiday card

Another holiday vendor thank you from Motor City Hotel and Casino.

NCH Healthcare System - Service promo

Ok, so sometimes you're handed a script, no left side or storyboard so what do you do?  Instead of working the creative on paper and because at the time I had some availability, I worked up 2 versions on the fly.  Here they are back to back.

Volkswagen Credit - Animated explainer video

I apologize for the quality and working voice over. This is the only copy I have of this dealer use explainer animation.

AUDI Inside the Rings - News magazine Intro

This was a intro piece for the Audi news magazine.

AUDI Financial Services - New customer portal

This template was created as a portal site to be accessed by new Audi customers with regards to information on the Audi Financial Services system.  The dealer initialized at point of sale for any customer FAQ. It utilizes some stock footage at the start but otherwise was custom.

Better Investing - Post conference promo video

As conference attendees were exiting this investors meeting they were asked to comment on the service.  Sadly, seat of pants grab & chat in a crowded lobby is not the stuff of audio nirvana.  My task was to add an intro/outro and assemble with text/transitions a promo web video.

Sparrow Health System - Sequence of broadcast spots

This collection of spots for Sparrow Health System was driven solely by the agency provided script.  The creative and animation were developed along with feedback from the agency production team.

Logo Motion Study - Sequence of logo motion reveals

The sequence represented here was created for an agency client driven brand pitch.

Lower Third Samples - Varirty

You like lower thirds?  Here is a happy smiling guy just covered in them.

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